About Fully Invested

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Most books about money are written from the perspective that more is better. They also make you feel like you’re stupid if you’re not rich.

And they are. So. Booooring.

Worse, they assume that we are all out for Number One at the expense of others. Or others at our own expense.

Fully Invested explains all the stuff you know you should know, using the magic that is improv to make you laugh at the same time. Surpisingly, the two fields have a lot in common. Both depend on believing that we are all connected, both depend on patterns and games in their scaffolding and, in both, the goal is to be braver about showing who you already are instead of trying to be something you’re not. In good improv, and good money, our inside (values, background, risk tolerance, style) matches what the world sees on the outside.

Fully Invested is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.


Chapters Include:

-Improv and Finance: Follow The Fear

-How to Win Finance Fights With Your Significant Other

-Send My Spinach To China

-Is Having Kids a Good Financial Move? Performing Improv?

-Should You Pick Up the Check?

-The Answer Is (Drumroll Please…) $150,000

-Kill The Cars

-Should You Give a Mouse A Cookie?

-Is Running a Non-Profit A Good Financial Move?

-Ten Things You Need To Know To Look Smart About Money