About Net Worth Consulting, Inc.


The short version: we sell an ever changing mix of consulting, educational products and services, coaching, deal support, and speaking engagements. All connect value to money, aligned with the maxim: give back more than you take.

The form this work takes is as varied as our clients, and is always changing.

We work with one hi-tech client’s top salespeople, with multi-million dollar quotas, to design and execute on their commitment to serve their clients where it counts: in the pocketbook. This means understanding, deal by deal, what the value proposition is, how it would be measured, and what most likely will go wrong.

Another client needs to select the best prospects for their product and service offerings. This means teasing out the competitive distinctiveness or facing the fact that there really is none and working from there.

We help a third create their own client’s internal business case, and coach them to coach their clients to deliver it to their management.

We essentially run a 24 hour crisis hotline for a couple of coaching clients who are responsible for billion-dollar projects and must practice jujitsu to operate within their internal bureaucracies.

Lastly, we are helping one retail store decide to relocate and reorient to a new market, and helping another client close before their money is gone.

All business is from referrals; our clients are our salespeople. They also provide us with the best research and development possible. Most importantly, we work through our clients to get results, not try to impose our methods onto them, because that would never fly. What works  in Mumbai is totally different from what works in Toronto, regardless of the way they pronounce “out”.

Net Worth Consulting, Inc. works because we help people do what they already want to do: give back more than they take. We just help them do it with the money.


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