A brilliant, full-of-surprises, funny new guide to becoming a wealthier, happier and more authentic person.

Most books about money and investing are dull, dry, and hard to understand. That’s why financial expert and improv actor Laurie R Kauffman decided to write her new book.

Fully Invested explains all the stuff about money you know you should know, using humor and examples that will make you laugh and think at the same time.

Author Laurie R. Kauffman is an international financial consultant and the co-founder of an improv training program and performance troupe in Washington, DC. Laurie has a Masters with Highest Honors in Finance and is a former stockbroker and public radio presonality.

She founded Net Worth Consulting, Inc. in 1983 and is dedicated to helping her clients connect value to money. She has worked with major corporations in 20 countries, including IBM, Sprint, Nextel, Roche, Marriott, Xerox, LexisNexis. She also serves smaller businesses and nonprofits, delivering an ever-changing blend of consulting, education, coaching and deal support.

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